Thursday, August 2, 2012

Strive to be good !

Sometimes I wonder how people are so successful. They seem to have so many fans and people supporting them. I know that with my small business I am so grateful for the small things. The people who support me mean so much. I know they could go to a chain to have there pictures made but they choose to support me in my business instead. I try to offer a one of a kind type of session. I am new at all of this and it take practice to make perfect. Thank you for all who believe in my talent. I really love what I am able to do. I also really love making jewelry and one of a kind crafts. It is hard to compete on a high level and I have so much respect for the great photographers and artists out there. I want to pose a question what sets someone apart? Sometimes I wonder if it's popularity or talent driving the masses to these different businesses. I love looking at others pages and supporting them. I just feel like sometimes I am a very tiny fish in the huge ocean of talent. I want to build my business to something great. The purpose is to have my own thing. People are always wanting to be acknowledged as a basic human need to be heard and appreciated. I am no different. I just want to make a difference with what I love. I want to help people capture there special moments and memories. I have always had a passion for photos. I watched a movie once that says life is what happened between one happy snap shot and the next and I agree whole heartedly. We all strive to LIVE life to the fullest and the memories of the good times are what carry us through tragedy and heartbreak. They help us remember those we've lost. Keep up with milestones! I hope that I can keep getting better! I just want to give a huge thank you to all who support me in my passion !


  1. Hi, what a lovely blog entry, i am always striving to make my small business grow but its hard sometimes when other people are only doing it as a hobby so can charge less, but i love what i do as you so obviously do so we must carry on and just hope we are appreciated for our efforts x

  2. Diane, I couldn't agree more. Seems the ones who are truly passionate are the ones who have to work twice as hard.