Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Start Something Worth Finishing

I have always struggled with starting things and not finishing them. I have the best of intentions but then something happens or I get discouraged and I don't follow through. Sometimes this is good and sometimes it's not. I have started several things as of late that I would like to finish.
One being the book that I told you about before. I am going to read the next part in it today. I will post about that later but right now I want to see how people stay motivated to do the not so easy stuff. I want /need to get into shape and I have struggled with working out for a while now. The last place we lived had a gym and I went almost everyday for a while then just quit. I wasn't losing weight fast enough it was boring there where to many people the list of excuses was a mile long. I just didn't stick with it. Well, yesterday I started a new thing I have always admired people who run. They go out rain or shine and pound the pavement and It just seems to be so free and a great way to get into shape. Well, I am not a runner and I quickly found that out yesterday. I was following an app on my phone called C25K (couch to 5K) It tells you how to build endurance up to become a runner. Well, I did it yesterday I did almost 2 miles. Today I was met with my enemy ....an excuse... I didn't let it win. It was pouring rain and windy today. I went out anyway and got in over 2 miles ! I am not a runner but I will become good at this to get into shape. I struggle like most women with body image. I see all these "perfect" women out there and I just want to look like them. Well, I have come to a realization... thats not going to happen. I can lose weight and get fit however I will never look like them because I am me. I need to be content in this as well. I need to take care of my body mind and spirit. I am going to strive to be a better me not look like someone else.
If you have any good advice on this please leave a comment below I could use some encouragement. Thanks for reading I will post more about the Courageous book later.      


  1. When you are a mom of 2, work or just help out at the schools, church etc. it's hard to always make it to the gym or walk or whatever, I just take it one day at a time. Also set goals that you can achieve and then you will stick to your plan, or at least that works for me. Good luck !

  2. Great advice Mrs. Bonnie :) I changed the font on the blog please let me know what you think of it !