Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year - New Ideas !

New Years Resolutions

I have never really gotten involved in the whole "New Years Resolution" thing.
I guess because it is very hard for me personally to create new habits or break the old ones.
However this year I am seeing the new year as something of a fresh new start. 
I want to make allot of changes in my own personal life and in my family. 
In order to make things better there must be change. 
I am interested to see if I can do it ! I am taking it as a personal challenge rather than resolutions.
I want to better my relationships with my Husband my children family and friends.
I want to also strengthen my relationship with God. I have made a list for myself of the things I feel I can change to improve all of these areas. It will be hard and I am sure of the FACT that I will fail but i wont give up ! 
I hope that everyone in this new year make decisions that will change there lives for the better.
I am also going to be making a few exiting changes in my business. I will be debuting my new website this year as well as new Photographic packages.
I am so exited about this and I hope that you will share in my journey with me as clients and friends !

Happy New Year to everyone !!!!

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