Friday, January 25, 2013

Jinxx Boudoir Information

Jinxx Boudoir 
I know allot of people may find the art of  Boudoir to be a little risqué. I don't think you have to go off the deep end with doing these types of Photos there are two sides and I am on the conservative view. I think tasteful pictures done in the right way can be a very romantic private way to give your Husband a gift or to make yourself realize you really are a woman not just a Mom or business woman or whatever your title may be.  It is a very personal thing. I respect peoples privacy and I only post pictures for advertisement that are pre approved by my clients and in good taste that being said I love to shoot boudoir and I'm hoping to grow this part of my business. 

Here are a few examples of my work and I hope that if you have considered this in the past or are just coming across the idea that you will give it a try !

Please keep in mind that the reason you will see that most Photographers charge more for this type of Photography is for a couple of reasons....
#1 It is not advertising our business. In other words you are not very likely to go out and tell all of your friends that you had a boudoir session done and show them the pictures. 
#2 It takes special editing. It is very time consuming to edit these types of Photos you don't want any flaws in that type of Photo and you defiantly want to look your best !
#3 It takes a whole set up of lighting and makeup, hair and props all of which cost me extra money. 
I hope that helps explain the cost difference !


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