Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Please Read -- Featured Shop ! Bully Bites !

Hello I wanted to do a feature of a local business that I support !
Cynthia Hamilton is the owner of a new shop called Bully Bites. She makes all natural dog treats. These Dog treats are great because she uses wheat or potato flour depending on your dogs allergies you can find a treat that works for you! 
The current flavors are:
-Bacon (made with real bacon)
-Cheese (made with real cheese)
-Peanut butter (of course real Peanut Butter)
How can you go wrong treating your pets like family. These treats have No preservatives! 

1lb. bags for only $4.00 + S&H if you are not local to the area. 
You can't beat that !
Other treats may cost you up to $15.00 for less than one pound of natural treats. 
This is truly a great value !

My bulldog Maggie is our baby she means so much to our family. She suffers from severe food allergies to grain of any kind. Unfortunately that meant up until now we where very limited as to the kinds of treats we could feed her.
Now we can feed her Bully Bites without having to worry if she is gonna have an allergic reaction.
Here is our sweet Maggie :) 

Give Bully Bites some support buy something special for your four legged friends !
Here is a little bit of information from the owner...

"Bully Bites is run by a woman with a passion for dogs and
 rescue. My pack is made up of 2 Great Danes and 1 very 
spoiled English Bulldog, all of whom LOVE their jobs as
 official taste testers!! 10% of every sale from Etsy is
 donated to Bullies 2 the Rescue, a non-profit rescue for
 English Bulldogs."
                                                  Cynthia Hamilton

Here is some more information on the Bulldog Rescue Cynthia donates 10% of all her Etsy Sales to this rescue !!!! So your not only supporting a local business owner. You also are supporting the  efforts of this amazing rescue !

Bullies 2 The Rescue is one of three companies organized for the welfare and love of English Bulldogs.

Our first company and our mother organization is called Bulldog Voice, LLC

Bulldog Voice started in 2006. Upon learning that out first two English Bulldogs were imported and treated poorly,  we began hearing about other stories involving the same brokers and numerous puppies being harmed and even ending up on the Rainbow Bridge. We gathered enough evidence and complaints to warrant the attention of a lawyer and The Attorney General ofTexas. With their help, we shutdown the bullie brokers!  

Our second company is Carolina Pet Pantry (CPP).

CPP began as an internet pet store dedicated to the health of English Bullies. In July 2012 CPP opened it's first brick & mortar store in Indian Trail, NC. Funds from both the online and physical store will continue to directly support Bullies 2 The Rescue and help raise funds for English Bulldog Rescues all over the United States. 

After seeing the great need for a rescue in North Carolina, we started Bullies 2 The Rescue. We are always in need of volunteers to assist with local events, transporting, fostering, and the ultimate joy of adopting! If you are interested in helping us make a difference for bullies all across the country, please fill out ourINTEREST FORM and we will be in touch. 

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