Sunday, November 18, 2012

My New Adventure

I wanted to give the info for my newest adventure ! Yes as if having my own photography business & Jewelry Design company is not enough I have decided to take on a new thing I love which is....
 Thirty One I recently discovered it through a friend. 
Needless to say I love it an must have more therefore to justify buying it I must sell it :)
 You see if I tell my wonderful husband I spent money on more bags he may go postal.
 However if I tell him I am selling said bags so no money comes out of our family budget to buy what I want he simply shrugs his shoulders and says "Do whatever you wanna do baby"
 I love these magical words! 
He is truly supportive of all my current business ventures. I love that about him! However to keep him and myself happy I need to
 Sell! Sell! Sell!
 It shouldn't be that hard considering how awesome Thirty One bags are! So here is all my info so you can BUY! Or if you need justification for you addiction to all things shopping....
 Host a party and earn free stuff and lots of discounts !
 Or sign up to sell and let me show you how easy it can be to earn free things while making money as well!
 Its a
 Win! Win! Win!
 and yes I know I said it three times :) It is true! 
Come shop with me !

Rebecca Duncan

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